The Zadar Riviera is characterized primarily by its attractions, its natural position at the junction of different geographical regions, and being accessible by sea, land or air. Many interesting things can be seen in the Zadar region. Due to long history and a multitude of activities in these areas some of them date back to ancient times, and some were built recently in the spirit and tradition of enriching the city of Zadar. The combination of the mountains and the sea, 5 national parks and 3 nature parks, and a multitude of islands and islets the total number of which equals the number of days in a year are just some of the reasons that make this region special and worth a visit. If we have awakened your desire to discover this beautiful region, please contact us with confidence. With our tour guides you will gain new experiences and memories that will remain even after your trip ends. The trip starts in Zadar and includes the following places in the Zadar region:


The island of Pag is certainly one of the most unusual Croatian islands- with partly rocky terrain and no vegetation, while the northern part of the island is mostly covered by Mediterranean vegetation.This island is famous for its traditional production of salt, cheese and lace, centuries-old olive trees, magical lagoons and beaches. If you walk to the town of Pag, you cannot miss the impressive church of St. Mary designed by the famous master builder Juraj Dalmatinac, who also designed the entire historical center of the town. Whether you opt for a day trip or a longer stay, this remarkable island of a multitude of beautiful lagoons will offer you many types of both active and relaxing vacation. This island is also known for a world famous destination for young people, the Zrće beach, which is often called the Croatian Ibiza. Many clubs and bars that occupy the beach host world famous DJ's that bring together a multitude of young people eager for music and entertainment every year. The island of Pag is truly an ideal destination for all ages.


The beginnings of Croatian history and culture leads us to Nin, near Zadar, whose history records are more than 3000 years old. According to numerous archaeological finds, the former Aenona was built in prehistoric times on an island in a quiet bay with a magnificent view of the picturesque island of Pag and the Velebit Mountain. In the heart of the city, near the remains of a Roman temple, stands the church of St.Cross from the 9th century. It is an architectural monument of exceptional value because it represents a calendar where the play of sun rays can determine the exact dates of the equinoxes and solstices. Associated with the phenomenon of sun rays in contact with the church, every year there is the Sunshine and Light Festival, as well as the interesting event of Nin Šokol Feast, a competition in the traditional preparation of šokol, a special type of dry-cured meat. On the way back from Nin, do not miss visiting the small church of St. Nicholas from the 12th century. It is extremely important because of the Croatian dynasty rulers and the history of the ancient town of Nin. Today it is an unavoidable stop for all visitors of the Zadar region.

Biograd at sea

The heart of Biograd is located on a small peninsula, which was once surrounded by massive city walls. It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Zadar region. Appealing hotels are situated along the beautiful beach, the bars and restaurants situated in a row on the picturesque promenade reflect the traditional Dalmatian cuisine, and you can discover remains of past times wherever you go.

Vrana lake

The Vrana Lake is another natural phenomenon of the Zadar Riviera, and it's located near the city of Biograd. The lake is surrounded by fertile fields and plains, and north of the lake there are fragments of the old town of Vrana and the Turkish residence Maškovića Han from the 17th century. The ancient city of Vrana was raised during the time of the first Croatian kings, and during the Middle Ages it was ruled by the Templars. Today, Vrana is a unique ornithological reserve, a home to exceptional species of protected birds. With the possibility of bird watching, fishing, horse riding along the lake shore, the park is an ideal area for cycling due to the vast plains that surround the lake.

Ravni kotari

The hinterland of Zadar, known as Ravni Kotari, is an interesting area filled with picturesque villages full of tradition, customs and nature. Following the path in the direction of the Velebit Mountain, you will come across endless plains and meadows covered with colorful orchards. A kind of orchard that stands out are the marasca cherry orchards - a cherry species used in producing the world-famous “Maraschino” liqueur. Whether you decide to follow the traces of the past and decide to visit the medieval city walls of the former city Asseria, built even before the Roman period, or discover the canyon of the Zrmanja River, the perfect place for rafting and canoeing, this area abounds in natural contrasts - from the coast to the magical islands, and all the way to the mountains with picturesque continental landscape. All these attractions invite you to visit this unique world of the Adriatic coast – Ravni Kotari.


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