If you are a fan of culinary magic then Dalmatia and its indigenous cuisine is the right place for your culinary pleasure. Let us open the doors of Dalmatian cuisine which is inspired by the Mediterranean tradition and which includes fresh seasonal ingredients, simple preparation full of aroma, good quality olive oil, Mediterranean spices and traditional recipes. With the help of our skilled chefs, learn how to prepare some of the most famous Dalmatian dishes while enjoying delicious snacks accompanied by the scent of lavender, Dalmatian stories and music.

We invite you to complete your Croatian coast culinary experience by tasting typical culinary delicacies of the region. Note that you must try cheese and lamb from the island of Pag, prosciutto from Posedarje and Drniš, red wine “Plavac”, and certainly do not forget the famous "Maraschino” liqueur from Zadar.

If you decide to spend a few days of your vacation with your family or friends in Croatia accompanied by an unforgettable experience of the Mediterranean, there are several programs we can offer. Our tour guides and chefs will reveal the true Dalmatian cuisine and convey the experience of Croatian gastronomy.


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