All inquiries and reservations must be made in writing, e-mail, fax or in person at the Agency office or via our partners. Customer shall provide all information necessary in order to process the reservation. When the initial reservation is made it is required to pay a deposit of 30% of the total cost. The remainder is to be paid no more than 30 days prior to the services/tours.


If the passenger wants to cancel or interrupt travel, he has to do it in writing - e-mail or fax. The date on the written cancellation is used to calculate the costs of cancellation fees, which the tour operator will charge per person (percentage of total cost) under the following conditions:

  • 30 or more days prior to the start/arrival - 10% of the price
  • 29-22 days prior to the start/arrival - 25% of the price
  • 21-15 days prior to the start/arrival - 40% of the price
  • 14-8 days prior to the start/arrival - 80% of the price
  • 7-0 days prior to the start/arrival - 100% of the price

In the event of cancellation of travel/trip without the prior written notice, the agency retains the full amount (100%) of the overall cost, regardless of the reason behind cancellation.


The agency can fully or partially cancel the arrangement if before or during the execution of the service circumstances arise that can not be eliminated or avoided. The agency may cancel the arrangement if there is not a sufficient number of passengers (as specified in each package). The agency will notify all passengers at least 2 days prior to the execution of the arrangement, without paying out the damages, according to the current regulations in the international traffic. If the tour is cancelled by Travel Agency, the customer shall be entitled to payment of the full paid amount. The agency reserves the right to a full or partial change of travel (arrangements), immediately prior to the departure due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions, water level, forces of nature, special events, etc. The programs are also subject to change depending on physical abilities and wishes of the group.

If there is a large number of cancellations, the Agency will inform the client as soon as possible and recommend the following options:

  • The client may accept the new date of departure or destination that the Agency offers
  • The client may accept the replacement program/trip of identical or similar content
  • The client may cancel a reservation, with a full refund

The client is obliged to inform the Agency of its decision within 7 days of the replacement program offered. If the client does not respond the Agency will reserve replacement program/trip.


If the customer is not satisfied with the accommodation, equipment or services, he can immediately contact the staff of the Agency (trip leader/representative) in order to find an alternative as soon as possible. Requests for refund will not be considered valid if the Agency is not informed about the problem on time in writing. All requests for refunds must be submitted to the Agency in writing, within 30 days after completion of travel.

Client agrees to:

  • have a valid passport
  • respect and adhere to all the customs of the country visited
  • promptly notify the Agency of any form of disability or damage that could limit participation in the program
  • provide insight into the document which confirms that the service is paid (voucher, a certificate from a bank account or a certificate issued by mail, e-mail or in person)
  • find out whether he/she needed a visa for Croatia or any of its neighbouring countries, whose visit is scheduled on the program or passing through to get to our destination.

All the clients of the Agency are provided with insurance in case of injuries that occurred during local transfer or during guided outdoor activities to the maximum amount of 10,000 Euro. For a larger insurance the price of the program or trip will increase significantly. For this reason, the Agency recommends customers to pay for their additional travel or other types of insurance at the insurance company in the country they are visiting. If a customer wishes to pay for extra insurance (for injury, damage, loss of property, travel insurance, etc.), the Agency recommends that customers carefully read the conditions.


Client lists personal information voluntarily. Personal data is needed to conduct the requested services. The same information will be used in communication between members of the Agency. Agency agrees not to distribute customers' personal information outside the country or forward it to third parties except for the purpose of performing the required services. Exception are cancellations of the complete insurance or insurance against illness and injury, lost luggage insurance and health insurance during the time the client is travelling or has arrived to the country of travel. If the client requests it, the Client personal information will be forwarded to insurance company. Personal data will be stored in a database in accordance with the decision of the Board regarding the methods used for collecting, processing and securing personal data.


If the customer is not satisfied with the way their complaint was dealt with, they may seek a court judgment. The client and the Agency will try to resolve the dispute by agreement in case it is not possible to determine the jurisdiction of the Court in Zadar, all in accordance with the laws of Croatia.